onze vakspecialisten zijn breed georiënteerd. Dit betekend dat bijvoorbeeld wij een projectmanager It kunnen leveren met kennis van wet- en regelgeving omtrent asbest, specifieke gebieden zoals vergunning verlening, omgevingsloket, landelijk asbest volgsysteem, certificatie schema’s voor respectievelijk inventarisatie en verwijdering, kortom brede kennis wat het in praktijk net iets makkelijker maakt, namelijk begrijpen wat er speelt. Kennis delen is onze kracht.

peopleinformation technologyenvironmental
people managementsupportdeskcertifed independent asbestos expert
personal assistanceoperational- and second line support chroom6 specialist
reintegration processbusiness consultancyindependent energy transition expert

reorganization expert
company process versus ict facility building expert
job coach supportdigital transition 2.1energy assesment and professional report with practical recommendations
conflict intermediair indipendent business justment no interest or compensation for services of solutionsindependent assesment/review of the agreement, including the already performed part, only if is necessary
quickscan company /departement or employee high end assesment with our stringent requirementsdrafting of specifications prior to the publication of invitations to tender, monitoring and coordinating work or services
personal transition of yourself. how? to
reprogram the mind and thoughts. basically by learning that you are in control. -> *
high end report of recommendation based on actually infrastructure, hard- and software. we deliver also the requirements for your Service level agreements. different reports for your own it department or/and external solution- en services providers will be delivered review/assessment of offering new project. or project with already finisht elements.
Branding development hosting providerglobal Environmental inspections
substances-, materials-, chemicals- and compound expertise
developing work methodes and tools with as purpose reducing of emissions
 of hazardous substances -> **

*based on childish desire and faith, only managed with positive vibration. with exceptional results. because negative thoughts or negative experience from the past, are the source of your unhappiness, to become the boundaries- or limitations of life.

** on two headlines, the first one: reduce by limiting the possibility of human risk of bad (all-most: ‘recidive’) behavior. the second and last one: total- or maximum reduce of emission by any removal activity by following step-by-step the work instruction, and using the right available equipment / tools. environmental requirements and also the resources you need are part of the work instruction.